Friday, 19 September 2014

Clothing at LUC.

When I started this little store I had absolutely no idea how popular the clothing would be. I began with a few leather items and some great silk tees from Byron Bay - but now the clothing and accessories in store are doing so well it's time to expand the range. I have some great new labels coming on board - some may not be due until December but I know you will love the pieces.
This week the first shipment from CP Shades - the brand with the tag line "what you see is what you get" - these great, classic linen shirts are "uncomplicated, garment dyed with soul". In white,chambray and charcoal these are classic shirts that will become a staple in your wardrobe.


I have a great new brand (not yet seen in Tasmania) that won't be available until December but here is a sneak peek of the style of clothing that will be available. Harem pants, silk and linen shirts and great linen jackets. Seriously, you will like this range!!

As I have let you know before I will also be the stockist for LemLemNYC later this year too. Incredible classic linen pieces perfect for summer or travelling to warm places!

With all these new arrivals don't be surprised if LUC actually opens a second outlet to accommodate all the product. I am thinking it might be worth exploring opening this second space just for clothing and accessories...just dreaming ..maybe I just need a bigger place all together...let me know what you think?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Skultuna arrives at LUC. (plus a few more goodies...!)

September certainly keeps delivering some amazing new stock and LUC. now welcomes the Swedish brand Skultuna to the store! This Scandinavian company has a 400 year old history of making beautiful brass goods and the product is truly beautiful. Exceptionally well made, each item comes in a stylish black box so will really make a perfect gift. (Sneaking suspicion this product is going to do very well over Christmas..)

Another Scandinavian company - this time from Denmark - is also joining LUC. Product from the concept brand Flowmarket will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. Established in 2004 in Copenhagen the brand believes
"that people´s focus significantly affects their choices and actions and hence their daily life and surroundings. Our products are designed to serve as small positive reminders at home or at work. As simple daily inspirations and reminders for its owners and their surroundings about perspective and their choice of focus and energy spend in their everyday life. Some people refer to our products as nourishment for the soul"
These beautiful, simple tins will inspire you and might even make you smile a little..

Keep checking back with this blog (or follow me on Facebook/Instagram) as new product is arriving every day. Fresh stock of byLassen is now in store - including the exceptionally well resolved Twin Table. (and also a few new pieces from Danish brand Menu are also new into stock!)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello Spring!

September is a big month for LUC. Well for me too, really! It's a birthday month - for me and for the shop. Lots of new things will be arriving and already shipments are on the way and will be here this first week of the month.
First to arrive are these great bags from US brand  Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger - fantastic satchels and messenger bags made from 100% recyclable SMRT felt, PU leather and water resistant microfibre.

The brand was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect and the bags and accessories are inspired by architectural concpets - clean lines, functional and structural. They are practical, versatile and unisex - classic bag design. Fits so well with the LUC. philosophy.

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on instagram of a great Mark Tuckey table (gotta love his designs!) and I kept staring at the little wooden rhinocerous on the table. So I have sourced this fellow and also he will be joined by a few mates. Simus the rhino, Ursa the bear and Hattie the elephant are due in store this week.

Mark Tuckey table featuring Simus the Rhino

Designed by the NYC design studio of  David Weeks (for Areaware) these incredible wooden animals are made from sustainable hardwood. You know you want one....

Ursa the bear

Also arriving from NYC design brand Areaware are the curious yet practical hand hooks.
These are made from resin and marble and are a quirky alternative to your average hook. In a variety of designs these white hands will certainly be a talking point! (I think I will be using one in my bathroom - freaky but cool!)

Areaware 'hand hooks' grab, offer and c'mere

Areaware 'hand hook' c'mere

And, finally just one more thing to tempt you. I am really excited to announce that LUC. will be stocking the beautiful linen brand Hale Mercantile Co. Soft, textural European linen in earthy colours.

My first shipment will be the table linen - runners, napkins and table cloths. (but please note, I am happy to place orders for their incredible bed linen - and I think I may well be the first order - you should see the charcoal sheets and doona covers - bliss.)

There is quite a bit more to come and new product arriving all the time (not to mention a few things in the pipeline that I will be really excited to introduce to you before Christmas) so I will be back with an update in a week or two. Spring is in the air and summer is coming!! Lucy x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August at LUC.

The last days of winter and you can feel the changes in the air. Blossom & bulbs are starting to appear and these longer days means that I don't have to close the store in the pitch dark! There are a few new things appearing but the bulk of my new stock will start to appear next month. Exciting new clothing, and fresh new product from my core suppliers.
I have just received the first delivery from the new product from Tom Dixon - the Eclectic room diffusers in the 3 fragrances  - London, Orientalist and Royalty - will last approximately 3 months with their sophisticated scent. (Refills will be available before Christmas). They are beautifully packaged (it's Tom Dixon after all!) so will make a great gift - but so nice to have the subtle fragrance permanently in your own place!  In store now.

Uashmama have released their new range of copper and bronze bags. So many customers have asked for this colourway so I am really pleased that they have arrived. They have done this cool laundry bag too - there are cloth handles on the top for easy carrying (if you are a laundrette user you are going to love these!) and they also have press-studs on the top so you can connect a couple together (for colours and whites....genius!) In store now.

I have had a few new shots of the store taken (by the very talented Maggie Given) - so here you go - you can get a feel for how August is shaping up in this little shop. There's always lots to discover (even) in this tiny space! See you in store soon. Lucy x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

LUC. time for some PR

It's that time of year when everyone wants you to join their latest campaign, ad, article, publication and I have chosen (and, humbly, have been chosen...thank you) for some really interesting projects coming up over the next few months. So it means I have had to do some photo shoots to see me in my natural habitat! So if you wanted to know who Lucy is behind LUC then here you is a sneak peek at some of the pics and a little snaphot of my shop (taken week 2 August 2014)


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Melbourne Gift Fair (...and what to expect in store soon!)

This weekend I did power shop/source at the Melbourne Gift Fairs. It is always a bit of daunting task when all the fairs coincide - but always worth connecting with my suppliers and maybe seeking out a few new things to boot. I certainly caught up with plenty and it was really nice to put some beautiful faces to my email colleagues after all this time (Almira, Frith, Carolyn, Mel & Jodie!).

So the wrap up for LUC. is that there is lots of great design heading to the store in the coming months. Firstly, from TRIWA I will be stocking some new lines of watches and this summer LUC will also be stocking (if I can find some counter-space??!) the TRIWA sunglasses. The sunglasses are contemporary and modern, with hand-cut acetate frames and lenses from Optics by Carl Zeiss vision.

I went a bit crazy with the new range from Tom Dixon (in store October) - a beautiful bar range. Dark blue/black glass champagne bucket, copper and glass ice bucket with matching copper tongs, and the most amazing copper cocktail shaker.  There is also a really cool range of  'desk accessories' made from brass they are cogs and gadgets that have no real purpose but they look good!! (for the guy who has everything maybe?!)

and also from Tom Dixon is a new candle range. Beautifully packaged (of course) very large(seriously, the big one is huge!)  glass decanters in fragrances of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. They are pretty special and will make THE most amazing gifts.

My favourite Byron Bay supplier Jai Vasicek keeps on producing the most amazing art and homewares - he has now released a great towel range (arriving in November). Nice big towels - 3 designs printed on linen and black terry-towelling on the reverse. How perfect will these be for summer!? He has of course produced even more amazing crosses. This time embellished with shells and feathers. All of these will be available in the coming months. I have just loved watching the evolution of this brand. You may have started seeing it being copied - they say this is the sincerest form of flattery - but really what Jai produces is not able to be replicated - he is really so beyond being a creative - he is an artist - and basically he is just forging ahead with his 'own thing' - I guarantee you his pieces will be collectible! Love it.

Jai Vasicek "good vibrations" summer towel
Jai Vasicek new cross (in store later this year)

As you can imagine there was so much to take in during the fairs. There were 2 major ones (Reed and LifeInstyle) and a couple of smaller trunk shows - I have sourced a couple of other new brands but will let you know more about these once orders are finalised - but it's product I have been searching for for a while so I am pretty excited. In the meantime - new stock keeps arriving from my core suppliers. A new shipment of Dinosaur Designs is expected, the new (& exciting!) product from Zilalila (The Netherlands) arrives this week. A new shipment from byNord is coming at the end of next week. Gorgeous new product from Liberte Designs jewellery will arrive too!
And finally, you have been asking me and finally I can now announce that ....yes!! Uashmama is now making their bags with a copper finish (and bronze too!). All sizes available and will be in store later this week or early next week!

Come visit soon...lots to see in this tiny space. Lucy x

Friday, 18 July 2014

Pendleton Woollen Mills blankets arrive at LUC.

This coming week sees the arrival of the iconic US brand Pendleton and their gorgeous woollen blankets. The company is based in Portland, Oregon and they produced their first Indian trading blanket in 1909 - their native American motif products are now legendary (But did you know they are also famous for producing  the first wool plaid shirts in the 60's for the surfing culture  - fun fact:- the Beach Boys were orignally called "The Pendletones!" (...who doesn't love a flannie!?).  The company has a clothing range, a homewares range and even now a registered signature tartan! The company operates seven facilities and has over 75 retail outlets. Not only will you find a Pendleton blanket in the Smithsonian in Washington...but now you can see them at LUC.