Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LUC. new website

As much as I have loved placing updates here on this blog site I am now going to do all my blog posts on my website This is website is in it's infancy so be kind whilst I get over the technology of creating one's own website! Yes, it's a bit clunky and some links may not work but the blog looks great, and eventually I will get some product online so you can do a bit of shopping see you over there. Lucy x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March update at LUC.

It's the middle of did that happen!? Time for an update of what's new and what's coming up at LUC. Just arrived in store are the beautifully crafted baskets and 'Nest' stools from Danish Brand Caneline. These over-sized cane pieces bring a nice bit of texture to a room. The stool is sturdy and has an almost sculptural effect to it - perfect as an ottoman/footstool or place a tray on top for a stunning side table.

The "Nest" does come in a bigger (huge!) size with a diameter over 1.2 metres - this would look incredible in the right setting - absolutely tough and robust enough to sit and lounge on. Happy to order one for you!! Also in this collection of indoor cane-ware is the 'Sweep' basket in 2 designs. Bigger than your average basket these would look great next to a fireplace or storing the kids' toys etc.

I had a quick trip to Melbourne this week to secure a few more brands for the store - some I can announce now...and the others I will just have to tease you and tell you will be coming soon (but trust me they're great!). First new brand is Design House Stockholm - this brand creates simple, classic Scandinavian pieces which not only look good but all function well - pretty important criteria to me! I have started the collection with the iconic Tablo tray & tray table this metal tray fits neatly into the timber stand and comes in two sizes and three colours (red, black & white) (with timber/black or white legs). I have always loved this table so am really delighted to become a stockist!

Also coming from Design House will be the block light. Yet another iconic Scandinavian design - designed by Harri Koskinen in the mid 90's this lamp is featured often in blogs and design magazines. A great addition to a book shelf or even on the floor for subtle up-lighting.

I have ordered a couple of their step ladders too - which double as a chair/seat. Very cool and very practical for small spaces. I have seen it used as a bedside table with a clamp-light attached which is such a great idea. Watch out for the Oak version coming later this year. (exceptionally well-made & detailed - you'll love it!)

LUC. is also becoming a stockist for the Spanish Brand Brickbox. These ingenious flat-pack shelving units come in 2 sizes but can be configured in endless ways. Simple white boxes with a laminated edge (great detailing) they are strong, versatile and will work in many settings (think shelving, bedside tables, kids rooms, storage in the spare room...I could go on!!). These will be in stock in late March.

OK, and finally I couldn't resist these photo-image cushions. I saw them at the recent gift fairs and once I felt them (you'll understand what I mean when you see them in store!) the soft velvet-touch of them is just gorgeous and they really do look like timber or wicker in real life. They are just fun!!

As you can imagine there is a fair bit to fit in to the store in the next couple of weeks and add to that the great furniture from Hay that is on it's way I am hoping I will be able to fit myself in through the door!!
Come and visit soon, if you don't see me just check under one of the Icelandic sheepskins...I'll be there somewhere... Lucy x

Thursday, 5 March 2015

New brands coming up for LUC.

My little store is bursting at the seams...but still there's more to come! After my successful Sydney trip I have some great new brands coming on board over the coming months. I can let you know, and I am really excited about, bringing Hay furniture to Hobart. I love this Scandinavian brand with the simple, clean lines of their iconic chairs and tables. I obviously can't fit the entire range in but I will be able to order any of the Hay furniture pieces in and will carry a few of their best sellers in store.

Nobody Chair by Hay

About A Chair by Hay (AAC22)
Tray Table by Hay
I will also be stocking - for a bit of quirky fun - the Puppy dog by Italian brand Magis. Now you may think these would just be great for a kid's room but I think they could work anywhere - I just love them, so that's a good enough excuse to stock them in store! I have some orange and white ones in different sizes coming but I am happy to order from any of the colours they produce (just let me know)

Magis Puppy
Magis Puppy
But these are only 2 of the brands that are joining LUC. I am also in talks with a couple of other iconic Scandinavian brands to be the Tasmanian supplier (news...very soon!) and also a big addition to LUC. will be the Cire Trudon candle range coming mid year. The most beautiful candles in the world Cire Trudon was established in 1643 and is the most famous wax producing factory in France. With hand-blown glass vessels from Vinci in Italy and 100% paraffin-free wax these candles are very special and I am thrilled (honored) that LUC. will be the exclusive Hobart stockist of this range. (due in store around late June/early July)

Cire Trudon candles

So I hope that gives you a little snapshot of what's coming soon and gets you a little excited as to how LUC. is growing (bursting!). I will, of course, update you and give you more details on the brands I have mentioned closer to their arrival in store. I am really proud to be stocking all of these - I hope you will love them as much as I do. Lucy x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LUC. does Sydney

Trade fair weekend...I have to admit, to put it mildy, it doesn't rock my world anymore. Alot of, seriously...alot...and plenty of time on buses between 3 venues. It sure ain't glamorous but there is plenty to take in and occasionally some real gems (no, make that total diamonds!) that can be game changers for your store!
I have some lovely product on order and some new suppliers that are going to work so well in store. The new product from Tom Dixon (in store mid year) is really quite special. Incredible glass and copper vases, glass door knobs (or coat hooks...your choice) and the etch candle holder comes in black (very sexy)

Also from Tom Dixon (arriving into LUC. soon) will be the iconic Spin Candelabra. This huge piece is made from cast iron, the arms move independently so you can form different shapes. Both candles and tea lights fit perfectly into the candelabra - this is such a beautiful statement piece.

Also launched at this Gift Fair from Stelton is a new range from Sweden's Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg (Bernadotte&Kylberg). This new 'Stockholm' collection features beautiful cobalt blue and silver pieces. They are classic Scandinavian in their simple and elegant design and I will look so beautiful with the other Stelton design pieces in store. (and as a side note:- how handsome is the Prince?!!)

Also over the coming months I will be introducing some new brands for LUC. some Danish furniture, some fashion and some fashion accessories. More news on that later. But in the meantime expect new colours & designs in Missoni towels, Dinosaur Designs and  Uashmama bags all arriving soon.

It may be an exhausting time for me but I know you will really like what's coming. More room, more room I need more room!!!

Friday, 13 February 2015

February at LUC. new products

Just as we start celebrating summer (finally some decent weather) it's time for me to start thinking about autumn/winter stock! I have been sourcing lovely cashmere, knits, coats and leather accessories for you for the coming months. Certainly not depressing work but distracts you from being in the moment of warm temps and gorgeous sun! In the meantime some lovely new stock has arrived and I am really excited about these two new brands.

Firstly, Miss Glass Home has arrived at LUC. I am so honoured to be the first retailer to stock these beautifully crafted clothes airers. Australian designed (in Melbourne) by Siobhan Glass and made from solid ash, the attention to detail is so refreshing. These are not throw away plastic & metal numbers that you hide in your laundry - no, these are design pieces that will last forever and could even double as clothes rack in your bedroom. There are three designs and LUC. will have all in stock very soon but you can view #3 in store now! You will definitely need to start looking for something like this for the coming winter months - wouldn't one of these look good?! I am really looking forward to seeing what else Miss Glass may produce in the coming months!!

Also new to LUC. (arriving in store next week) the Australian leather accessories brand The Goods.
These great wardrobe staples are made of soft leather or suede and perfect for any season. LUC. will be stocking the clutches and they come in 2 sizes - a small one (19cm x 13cm)  and a fold over (26cm x 27cm).
With a great colour range these versatile bags will be so useful - I put them on Facebook to announce their arrival and have already nearly sold out of the first delivery - crazy, but fear not, I quickly placed another order and there will still be plenty of variation in store next week!

I am off to the February Gift fairs in Sydney next weekend to hunt down some more new things for you and to also visit some of my core suppliers for some launches of their new ranges. I have some big (international) brands joining LUC. soon and can't wait to tell you all about it!! Come visit soon. x

Sunday, 8 February 2015

LUC. goes on holiday!

Image via

I had the complete pleasure of having a few days holiday recently (ahh the joys of retail!) and was lucky enough to book an amazing beach house near Port Arthur (about an 1 1/2 hours drive south of Hobart) in Tasmania. You can find this property on the accommodation site  This great property was just the perfect destination for a mini vacay. A quite, safe blissful beach. A spectacular, light, modern, comfortable beach house, right on the beach - just a barefoot stroll on a sandy path to the waves. Nothing to do but read books, walk the beach, swim in the cool (ok, really chilly!) waters, paddle the kayak, catch some flathead and enjoy the view. The big bonus for me was that I was able to bring my dogs - this is such a rare privilege to be able to enjoy.
This beach house is one of those rare holiday accommodation properties where the owner's have thought of everything!  Wifi, cable tv, hairdryers, board games, kayak for use...even some fishing rods.

Stewarts Bay early morning
My computer was basically a 'table accessory'  for the weekend...not much work was done!!

Quite and safe for swimming Stewarts Bay
It's not often I post holiday snaps (well, never actually) but this little gem was so enjoyable (to be honest, I was even thinking twice about sharing so I could keep the secret!) and anyone who has dogs knows how hard it is to get to have holidays with them. I would definitely keep this place in mind if you are looking to enjoy a simple weekend away or get a taste of Tasmanian beach life.